Dental X-Rays

What are Dental X-Rays?

Dental x-rays are special radiographic images that allow us to see teeth, underlying bone, and soft tissue inside of the mouth. Your x-rays are part of your preventative care routine, and are crucial to discovering and documenting changes that have occurred. You may need to have x-rays taken at emergency appointments, or during your regular bi-annual exams. We recommend a complete set of x-rays every few years to keep up with any changes occurring inside of the mouth.

Why are Dental X-Rays needed?

X-rays help us to diagnose and even treat certain intra-oral conditions. Hard-to-find decay can be detected with the help of an x-ray, ensuring treatment is provided in an adequate amount of time. X-rays are beneficial for emergency appointments, so that we can determine what the problem is and the best treatment available. You will have x-rays taken at many of your dental appointments in our office.

Our one-on-one approach ensures that each of our patients receives the kind care and compassion that they need. By offering a variety of procedures and treatments in one conveniently located office, we are able to cater to each member of your family.

Dr. Furman

What makes you a good candidate for Dental X-Rays?

Every one of our patients will benefit from having dental x-rays taken. You and your family should have x-rays taken at the majority of your appointments. In some cases, x-rays are necessary prior to oral surgery, or before other forms of treatment. X-rays used in the dental office utilize a very small amount of radiation, so they are safe and beneficial to the majority of our patients.

What happens when Dental X-Rays are taken?

One of our friendly staff members will greet you, and sit you in one of our rooms. They will place a small device in different areas of the mouth, and angle the x-ray machine at the device to deliver the image. The image is transposed directly onto a computer screen. Dr. Furman will then examine the x-rays to check for signs of decay and other intra-oral problems. Based on what is found on the x-ray, we can create a treatment plan if needed. The x-rays taken in our office are done quickly, and use a minimal amount of radiation.

If you need new dental x-rays taken, and want to come into our office, call us today, and we will get you scheduled for an appointment.