Different shades of teeth

Different Shades of Teeth

In the world, there is something for all tastes and colors. And the color of our teeth is the same. If you look closely, the color of each individual’s teeth varies. In the experts, there are 4 families of colors, even if in nature, we find a number a little more important. 

Different shades of teeth

There is the Auburn family (a red/brown) (A), the Yellow / Red family (the most popular) (B), then we find the Gray family (C) and finally the Gray / Red family (D).

Teething too white is not natural

The perfectly white teeth that we see in fashion magazines and other commercials are not real. Sorry for those who believed, but teeth completely white is impossible.

Factors influencing the color of our teeth

However, the color of the teeth varies according to several factors. We’ve listed a few so you can get closer to the color of the teeth of your favorite Hollywood stars.

  • The color of the teeth darkens with age. A tooth is made up of several floors, but the ones you will hear most about are the enamel (in direct contact with the outside) and the dentine (under the enamel). And the latter tends to yellow naturally with aging. And as you get older, tooth enamel gets thinner, and you can see a lot more yellowed dentin.
  • Tobacco. The cigarette is the number one enemy of our body because of what it does to our organs but also our teeth. There are mainly two products in the cigarette that particularly yellow our teeth. It is tar and nicotine (it turns yellow in the presence of oxygen).
  • Some foods and drinks. Some foods and beverages contain chromogens that color them and color our teeth when they come in contact with them. These foods include coffee, tea, red wine, beets.
  • Medication. Indeed, some of the drugs can stain our teeth and this in-depth. These are, for example, antihistamines, drugs against high blood pressure, tetracycline.
  • There are factors against us that will influence how others perceive the color of our teeth. The color of our skin, for example, the darker the skin of a person, the more his teeth will look white. It’s because of the contrast.

Why are we looking for whiter teeth?

The actresses, models, and the biggest stars always show us their bright smiles. This is a sign of beauty and elegance. That’s why we are looking for this beauty to improve our appearance and look like our idols. A sublime smile goes through perfect alignment of teeth, which is why more and more adults are wearing orthodontic appliances. But also by teeth whiter than white. Even if you have flawless oral hygiene, it’s almost impossible to keep your teeth white all your life. We then see for several years appear all kinds of dental whitening.

There are two kinds of dental whiteners

  • First of all, there are launderings to do at home. These products are sold over the counter in supermarkets, organic stores.
  • Then the most classic whitening to do directly at the dentist.

It is not to be taken lightly because it can completely change a person’s smile.

But how does it work a dental whitening (or dental lightening)?

 The tooth whitening is done mainly on the surface. The whitening agent, often in gel form, acts on the enamel (the outer surface of the tooth) as well as on the dentin (just below). Three products can destroy the molecules that make our teeth dark. It is a peroxide. There are three frequently used:

  • Hydrogen peroxide (also called hydrogen peroxide)
  • Carbamide peroxide
  • Peroxide of urea

The chemical reaction that will produce the peroxide will lighten our teeth by about 3 shades. This one will break the bonds present between the tasks and the small pores of our teeth to make them whiter.

The current rules regarding tooth whitening

 The higher the concentration of the peroxide, the more the bleaching effect will be impacting. This is why the percentage of this product should be supervised. To whiten the teeth properly, the original color of the tooth must be taken into account, that is, the darker the teeth, the longer it takes to bleach. There are several types of products that each have a different exposure time. Some act in minutes while others will have to wait all night.

If you want to get into teeth whitening, here’s what you need to know

If you want to get started, this is a good initiative. However, even if you can find over-the-counter whitening products, it is best to consult a dentist before you start. For that, it will have to carry out some actions:

  • Make a good cleaning and descaling of your mouth as this will help the absorption of the whitening agent.
  • Check if it is possible actually to whiten your teeth. As it says at the beginning of this article, yellow teeth may be due to aging, but a whitening agent will not make you younger, unfortunately.
  • You help determine the current color of your teeth. With this, you can compare the results of the

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