What are Sealants?

Dental sealants are thin plastic coverings that are often used on the biting surfaces of the back teeth. They are used to prevent decay, and can be beneficial for both pediatric and adult patients. Sealants can last for anywhere from one to about three years before they will need to be reapplied to ensure teeth remain protected. The procedure to place sealants is quick, easy, and highly beneficial to your overall dental health.

Why are Sealants needed?

A sealant is often needed if a patient is prone to tooth decay, or if they already have several fillings. You can think of the sealant as a protective covering to prevent additional decay from occurring. Some patients even choose sealants as a way to prevent staining to back teeth, and to keep their teeth healthy and bright. Sealants are especially beneficial to pediatric patients, who may not take good care of their teeth with regular dental hygiene tools.

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Dr. Furman

What makes you a good candidate for Sealants?

Children are especially good candidates for sealants, as a result of their vulnerability to dental decay. Protecting your child’s teeth from needing fillings and extractions can do a world of good for their overall dental health. Even adults are good candidates for sealants. The procedure can be done quickly in our office, so it will not take much time out of your day.

What happens during the procedure for Sealants?

You will first come in and have the teeth examined for any signs of cavities or other intra-oral problems. We clean and dry the teeth before the sealants are placed. Sealants start out as a clear liquid, which is brushed onto the biting surfaces of the back teeth. The material is cured with a bright light, allowing it to melt and harden into place. We will check on your sealants at each of your bi-annual appointments to ensure that they are still in place, and can reapply them as needed.

If you think you may benefit from sealants, or if you’re interested in them for your children, call our office today and we can help answer any of your questions.