What Does a Dental Exam Consist of?

Typically patients go to their regular dental visits twice a year. This visit is to get their teeth cleaned and evaluated to make sure our dental health is in check. Maintaining our oral health is very important, and keeps our teeth and gums free of plaque and bacteria that could lead to more serious issues. Visiting our office for a dental exam makes sure you avoid issue such as gum disease in the future. 

How Long Do Dental Exams Usually Take?

Typically if you come into our office for a cleaning the process takes around 30-45 minutes. Our highly skilled staff will clean your teeth thoroughly and take x-rays if needed. 

Our team uses special tools to remove the plaque from a patient’s teeth to ensure your mouth is clean and free of plaque. Brushing helps to remove bacteria at home, but brushing cannot remove all of the plaque left on our teeth like dental tools can. Oral cancer screening is also always included in our dental exams. If x-rays were taken, they are carefully reviewed to help us customize your treatment plan.  


Contact Our Dentists in Fair Lawn, NJ

We know your time is valuable and we work to give you quality service in a reasonable amount of time. Our team at Promenade Dental Care will go above and beyond to ensure our patients have the best experience when they visit our office. 

If you are interested in scheduling a cleaning with us, contact Promenade Dental Care to schedule your appointment with our dentists in Fair Lawn, NJ!

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